Video Gallery

MS Tv 2º - Caimasul Slaughterhouse

TV Globo, television reporting of start the construction of the slaughterhouse Caimasul 2016



Caimasul Farm 2016

See the evolution of our works on the farm

Caimasul trailer 2015

Introduction trailer 2015

Egg collection

In this video shows all the steps in field of reproduction, egg collection and the birth of the puppies.

MS Rural 2016

TV Globo, television reporting in March 2016

Adventure Expedition - Richard

We received a visit from Richard Rasmussen to show our caimans

MS Rural 2015

TV Globo, television reporting in April 2015

Recipe with caiman meat

Our Chef Antonio Albanese gives tips on how to make a delicious recipe. ( Bobó de Jacaré)

Caimasul presentation

Presentation of the project Caimasul with details of planning.

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