Caiman Meet

Caiman Leather

Caiman Handicraft

The operating area of Caimasul is the complete production chain of Jacaré do Pantanal (Caiman yacare), which is divided in the following sectors:

✦ Raising and fattening in the system "Ranching" (40%)

✦ Breeding, raising and fattening in the system "FARMING" (60%)

✦ Slaughtering, Meat Processing and Byproducts with Federal Inspection System (S.I.F.)

✦ Tannery Skin with ISO 14000

They will be explored main products MEAT AND LEATHER.

Caiman Meet

With unique flavor and texture to caiman meat (Caiman yacare) won the Brazilian market taking all that proved an unparalleled experience. The nutritional values as higher protein content and lower caloric value, boosted the consolidation of the national market arousing the interest of those who do not know.

The versatility of the meat and the ease of preparation allowed their inclusion in all areas of national and international cuisine and can be used, from the eastern Mediterranean, traditional or sophisticated. Its mild flavor allows the combination with various spices or sauces and matching with different types of drinks. The ease and simplicity of preparation surprises everyone allowing their preparation even with little knowledge, resulting in a soft and juicy flesh.

* Nutritional information (100 g):
> 50.61 calories
> 23,80 g protein
> 0.30 g fat

Caiman Leather

The caiman leather is unique, with its peculiar texture each skin has its own identity.

We invest in technology and innovation from the foundation to get an early animals with better skin, and continuous improvement in the tanning process using the best techniques, products and equipment for their fur with less thickness, flexibility and strength with unparalleled finish.

The caiman leather can be used for making various items such as shoes, handbags, wallets, etc., with exclusive and unique conformation in each skin and each item.

We make both cuts Belly and Hornback, skins have 30 to 45 cm.

Handicraft Work

Seeking full use of animals as we made crafts, taxidermy heads and animals, using local craftsmen and generating income for the community. In this same model are manufactured handmade ornaments, key chains and other items with the use of parts of leather integrating and generating income for the artisans and the local community.

All taxidermy products are marketed with numbered seals to guarantee the origin of the animals and the safety of those who purchase them.

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