Sustainable management of caimans

Caimans creation for slaughter will generate income for riverside population

The industrial complex fo Caimasul, creation, slaughter, processing, and marketing of meat and caimans leather is already working with a 30% of the 240 pens of creation. They are currently 80.000 caimans, all collected in nature with sustainable management with ranching system. The entire management of the area is sustainable. The water used in the creation goes to effluent station for decantation, where it is treated and reused. The pens have the water temperature automatically controlled, oscillating between 27 and 30 degrees celsius.

Date: Jun, 16 2016

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Jacaré do Pantanal - (Caiman yacare)

Slaughterhouse for caimans meat production plans to supply domestic market

With a total investment of R$ 30 million - on a plant with tannery, feed factory for reptiles, crafts shop and administrative headquarters - “Caimans do Sul do Pantanal Import & Export Ltd. (Caimasul) officially launched the construction of the first slaughterhouse for caimans of Mato Grosso do Sul, the work should be ready early next year, the project is located along the BR-262 highway, distant about 35 km from the urban area of Corumbá-MS.

Date: Jun, 16 2016

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CSG 2016 - 24th Working Meeting

CSG - Crocodile Specialist Group

24th CSG Working Meeting, Nombolo Ndhluli Conference Centre, Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa. The working meeting will be preceded by a Veterinary Workshop on 21 May and a meeting of the CSG Steering Committee on 22 May.

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Innovation Award SENAI

Senai Institute for Food delivery innovation trophy for the creation of caiman company

Senai Institute of Technology in Food and Beverage (IST Food and Beverage) delivered, on Friday (15/04) in the rural area of Corumbá, the Notice Trophy Sesi Senai Innovation Caimasul the company by virtue of the approval of the project developing a feed for improving the productive process Cayman. The product will facilitate consumption by animals, raise nutritional levels and reduce losses. For Senai manager of Dourados, Yashi Miranda, it was a big satisfaction IST Food and Beverages have contributed in the development of the product. "It's always a challenge to deal with innovation. Our mission is to bring technology and contribute to increasing competitiveness. For this, the IST team which is multidisciplinary, committed every effort to develop a product that will be completely new and will generate and productivity gains."

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